Saturday, September 29, 2012

CAbi Girl, Rockwall, TX

I have not done a post in years! But Kelly's Korner is having a "Show us your Direct Sales" Linky and I thought I'd participate. I am fortunate to be a consultant for CAbi clothing and I love it! The clothing is amazing ... affordable, beautiful, flattering and COMFORTABLE; the business is sound and wonderful; and I've been so fortunate to make many new women friends! But the reason I am fortunate is that I feel CAbi saved my life, so to speak. After my divorce, I had gained so much weight, lost my home, my lifestyle and financial status had changed significantly and I just felt lost, hopeless, even worthless. Selling CAbi forced me out of my house and forced me to be around people. I remembered that I love public speaking, even though I'm really pretty shy. I remembered that I can be pretty funny and I simply started to feel like my life had purpose again. And the most important part ... I could sell CAbi on the weekends my children are with their father and it does not cut in to my mommy time at all! If you've not heard of CAbi, please check out my site,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wild Hair!!

Hello Self,

I'm sure any followers I have (or had) of this blog gave up on me long ago, but I got a wild hair today and decided to write a little nothing.

I really don't have much (or anything) to say, I just thought I'd come by and wish myself a Merry Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas so much. I love having my babies at home (although my daughter won't come home from her Nana's); I love the decorations; I love Jesus; I love it all!

This is the last Christmas we will spend in this house and, although I wish it would sell, I am thrilled to be here. This house is so warm and cozy and it is so fun to "dress up" for Christmas! I am grateful to have had the experience of living here and making the friends we've made in this neighborhood.

That was our Christmas card picture. I decided to go for the comic factor this year.

Friday, July 3, 2009

So civilized

Lindsey spent the night with a friend last night, as did 4 other friends. Personally, this sounded like a recipe for disaster to me. That many girls, an odd number, peace seems out of the question. For years, every time Lindsey would go to a slumber party, I would ask her, "Were there any fights?" I have since quit doing this because she always said no. Somehow, as we have raised these politically correct little beings who are never to say anything controversial or disagree with anyone, they are more civil.
This was not the case in my day. EVERY time someone had a slumber party or any party, for that matter ... there was a fight. I actually narrowly escaped being sent home from a party because I was having too much fun with my best friend and not paying enough attention to the birthday girl ... at a party with like 20 people. Come on! I'm still a little bitter about it. Anyway, my best friend and I were seperated and that made the birthday girl happy and we were allowed to stay.
The most raucous of fights though, was between these twins I grew up with. They would get into a huge fight at every party. We are talking hair pulling, scratching, clawing, biting fights and we were at least 8 or 9 at the time! It was amazing and mesmerizing in a sick kind of way. As much as it freaked me out, I had to watch. And it totally went against everything I believed in. My brother and I never fought. My dad would not stand for it. He later told me that to see the two beings that he had created and were part of him fighting and acting like they hated each other broke his heart into a thousand pieces and he couldn't take it. At the time, he just said, "You two, cut it out", very calmly and seriously and we did.
So, all of this fighting was truly a novelty.
Not for Lindsey though. It is now 3 o'clock and she has been with these 4 girls since 7 o'clock last night. When I pick her up she'll just say that everyone had a lovely time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Bubba!

Today is Trey's 6th birthday. He was born at 7:28 a.m. by emergency c-section after being diligently monitored all through the wee morning hours. After finding, then losing his heartrate numerous times through the "night" and eventually having it slow to a life-threatening rate, the decision was made to get him out immediatly.
He was born with his umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his neck three times with his tiny fists clutching the cord and pulling it from his neck. It seems that he helped his doctors save his life. He weighed only 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and although, I could never get anyone to confirm this theory, it seemed that he had lost weight in his last hours/day in utero. He had a compressed cord and should/could have had all sorts of neurological or developmental issues, but he didn't. He is our miracle boy (twice over) and I adore everything about him. This is a great day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Back Away ...

I drove to the gym the other day after dropping my older ones off for some intense educating. Tyler and I mosied on in to "work out", I dropped him off at Kid Zone and was ready for a little turbo kicking action!

I managed to survive 50 minutes of cardiac arrest, I mean cardio-vascular activity, and I was ready to pick up the little man.

I walked in to the childcare area as was enthusiastically greeted by, "Mommy!" I was immediately suspicious. First, this sweet voice did not sound quite like my son's; second, my children tend to enjoy their "me time" and usually don't run to greet me. My friends tell me that means I'm a great mom ... they're so independent, they say. I'm not so sure.

Anyway, it was not my son, after all. It was some other child, who, by now, was wrapped around my leg tightly. Now this peaked Tyler's interest.

He looked over and calmly said, "That's my mommy".

The kid (His name is Toby, I later found out)didn't budge, he said, "Mommy, let's go home." He was so sure that I was his mom, I felt obligated to take him home.

Tyler came closer and said, "That's my mommy" and begun opening the little exit gate. Toby just tightened his grip upon my leg and intensified his pleading stare into my eyes.

Finally, Tyler came over and gave the little dude a nudge and said, "That's my mommy. Now go play!" He grabbed my hand and said, "C'mon Mommy. Let's go."

(Come to find out Toby's mom and I were dressed exactly alike and do resemble one another. Sadly, that whole incident did irreparable damage to my relationship with little Toby. Fortunately, his mom went to pick him up as I was leaving. She later told me he just looked at her confusedly.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two good boys

Each day after school the first thing Trey says to me is (usually), "I stayed on green today!" His teacher keeps a conduct chart and green is good, yellow means they received a few warnings, and so on.

Last Thursday, when I picked Tyler up from pre-school I asked him if he had a good day and he said, "Yeah. I stayed on green."

Tonight, when Tim got home from work and asked Tyler how he was, he again responded with, " I stayed on green!"

There is no conduct chart in the 2 year old room at preschool and there is certainly no conduct chart here at home. Turkey!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Those Wearing Santa Hats ... Beware!

My boy discovered Santa last weekend and he was pretty freaked out by him. Yet after many, many attempts he never sat on Santa's lap, but he did give Santa a robust hug as only my little man can do.

Apparently though, he thinks he and Santa are big buds and he is eager to greet Santa with a big 'ol hug each and every time he sees him. Unfortunately, just wearing a Santa hat makes you Santa in Tyler's world, even if you are a very small toddler. My boy has now flattened two smaller children (keep in mind ... most children under age 4 are smaller than my 2 year old) whose mothers made the unwise decision to have their babies don Santa hats this season.

It starts out innocently enough. He kneals down and says, "Hi Santa! Hi! Santa? Hug?!?" and down they go.

It must be noted that Tyler's big brother took full advantage of our many attempts to warm the little man up to Santa. He has now told Santa everything he wants and even things he could probably care less about. He just couldn't be wasting all that face time with the jolly dude.